ILFOCHROME is a dye destruction positive-to-positive photographic process on photographic paper.

The prints are made on a dimensionally stable polyester base as opposed to traditional paper base.

Since it uses 13 layers of azo dyes sealed in a polyester base, the print will not fade, discolor, or deteriorate for an extended time.

Accelerated aging tests conducted by Henry Wilhelm indicated the product resisted fading under display conditions longer than any other known photographic colour material.

Characteristics of ILFOCHROME prints are image clarity, colour purity.

• Rental Studio for international photo artists.

• Room size Camera obscura with lens.

  1. Direct exposing on ILFOCHROME and developing on location by ILFORD in Marly/Fribourg Switzerland.

  2. Print size up to 50 x 80 inch / 127 cm x 220 cm

• The unique print result has the optical powers of the human eye in image sharpness and resolution.

Hortensien 2012 Unique ILFOCHROME 160 cm x 120 cm